Software Testing Market in India
  • Starting salary of approx. 270000/- to 420000/- per year
  • A Certified Experienced Test Architect earns around Rs: 1500000/- per year in India.
  • Job positions can be QA Testers, Test Consultants, Performance Engineers, Business Analyst, Software Engineers, Architects  or any job spec related to Software Development Life Cycle
  • 80% of students are employed within 6 months of training as per the statistics
  • Software Testing is an key element throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of any software applications, including the mobile applications.
  • HP automated testing tools are widely used by banks, Telcos and many other industries  both in India and world wide
Why HP Training Program?
  • We are the leader in automated software testing and has  highest market share in the world
  • This training cannot be purchased outside of HP
  • Training books are not available at the book stores
  • All trainings are conducted by HP certified instructors.
  • HP strictly controls the quality of this training
Program Details
  Approx. 85hrs
  • Instructor led trainings
  • Lab sessions
  • Revision
  • Projects
  • Guidance  to Certifications
  • Meet the industry
Benefits – to Students
  • Students will have a better focus in their career. They will be made “industry ready” when they graduate and can easily be absorbed into the workforce.
  • Students will graduate with a set of HP official skills that are globally recognized and are widely used in the industry.
  • Companies will seek graduates that have these skills as they will not have to spend time and money training these graduates upon hiring them.
Why Blue Lotus Technologies (BLT):
  BLT is one of the most trusted names in IT training.  Since its inception in 2003 it is associated with leading Software Development companies in the country for training on multiple modules at various locations.

  The Current Scenario:
  Today, industries require highly advanced world-class skills and the ability to face challenges.  Skill development plays a major role in an emerging and a fast developing economy like India. One of the major gaps in such a scenario is the lack of adequate skilled personnel.

  Our Solution:
  To bridge this skill gap, BLT has tied up with HP SOFTWARE EDUCATION as their prestigious education partner tooffer certification mapped courses onSoftware Testing Viz,Application Life Cycle Management (ALM). BLT offers the entire range of certification mapped Programs onSoftware Testing Training

  What makes BLT unique
  • One among the very few authorized training Reseller
  • Training Completion Certificate from HP
  • Hands-on, pragmatic learning experience, Real time project

HP Software – ALM Testing Tools-An Overview
  HP Test Application Software’s are the most widely used tools in the IT Industry for Quality Assurance. According to Gartner’s Report 2011, HP has about 67% Global market share of Functional Test Automation Tools. HP’s functional testing tools are widely used by the companies to automate their testing process. Please refer

It has been estimated that 85% companies who are either into full-fledged Software Development or Independent Testing companies use HP Software’s to automate their business and testing process. Most of the Quality Professionals in IT recommends HP Software over any other testing tool available in the market.

Apart from being most user friendly tool it can test in large number of development environments like Java, .NET, Delphi, PowerBuilder, SAP GUI, VisualBasic, Web, Oracle, Peoplesoft, StingRay,Visualage, web services, activex controls, windows etc.  More details can be seen in the web site

HP ALM - Testing Professional Basic
  The basic course will equip the students to qualify for a Testers Job - Functional / Performance at the End User tester role.

Course Content:

Course Duration - Around 84 hours  

Introduction to Testing 8
Introduction Application Life Cycle Management 12
Using Unified Functional Testing 14
Using Virtual User Generator 10
Fundamentals of HP Load Runner 14
Fundamentals of ALM Performance Centre 10
Introduction to HP SiteScope 6
Project, Recap and conclusion – Guidance for the HP ATP Certification on Software Testing Foundation v11.5 10

  HP ALM Testing Professional Basic Modules
A Quick Run Thru

Introduction to Testing – 8 hours

  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Basic software testing principles and models.
  • Processes used to test business requirements.
  • Risk management strategies.
  • Using reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success.
Introduction Application Life Cycle Management – 12 hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Managing quality information throughout the development cycle.
  • Create releases and cycles
  • Constructing and organizing requirements.
  • Creating and executing manual and automated test sets.
  • Monitoring defects.
  • Using graphs and reports to track the success of a project
Using HP Unified Functional Testing – 14 hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Recording and playing back tests.
  • Creating basic scripts from a manual test case.
  • Use the Object Repository
  • Enhancing basic tests with synchronization.
  • Apply  verification using standard check points
  • Using debugging tools to troubleshoot tests
Using Virtual User Generator – 10 hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Record  and replay scripts in the web environment using VuGen
  • Measure steps and business processes using transactions
  • Parameterize scripts to vary user input data                                                 
  • Correlate scripts to process server-generated data
Fundamentals of Load Runner – 14 hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Identify the components of LoadRunner
  • Design a load test scenario
  • Schedule Scenario
  • Configure Performance Monitors
  • Execute Scenario
Fundamentals of ALM Performance Centre – 10 Hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Introduction to ALMPC ( Performance Centre)
  • Configure Load test by uploading vuser scripts & scheduling
  • Adding monitor profiles and SLA’s
  • Setting up AUT host Topology and  configuring Sitescope monitors
  • Using Lab management
  • Configure Time slot and run a load test and use project Dashboard
Introduction to SiteScope Monitoring Software – 6 hours
  At the end of this module, you should be able to:
  • Perform a SiteScope installation
  • Design a scalable and easy-to-manage monitoring strategy
  • Efficiently configure individual monitoring entities
  • Design an efficient alerting mechanism
  • Design enterprise-level reports

Project & Guidance for the HP ATP Certification – 10 hours

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