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Skill Trac – Skill Tracking tool(Pre-Screening to Post-Screening)

Skill Trac is an online skill tracking system hat provides a complete experience for managing events, assessing skills & taking tests.


   A single application that can work with any question bank or Standardized format of question paper that  can use any question bank as a source as long as the question paper is compliant to the format defined.
  Proper and clear instructions at beginning of tests and within sections / Level and questions. Personalized with corporate logos.
  Customizable interface for capturing candidate details.
   Capability to support a wide range of question types.
   User can select Questions for review at the end of each level by enabling Select to Review checkbox at the top of the Question Box.
  Continuous time display (Timer Countdown) to know the time left for taking the test for each section / Level.
   Locally computed scores, candidate details, and test taking details are updated on to Skill Trac.
  Controlled display of result page at the end on the test - turn on/off depending on the event.
  Pop up box to alert the candidate about the time left for the particular section / Level.
  Encryption/Decryption of question papers is taken care of, for data security.
   Candidate details can be enabled/disabled even certain fields in it as per customer requests can be masked or hidden.
  Section / Level wise filtration of scores.
  Duplicate check of candidates. Checks if candidate has come again for the same client within the criteria set by client on re-appearing for test.
  Test engine will not allow the same user to take up the test more than once depend on the event.
  Customer profile display before test starts.

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