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  Induction Training

Our goal is to help new employees reach the level of performance expected from an experienced employee. Successfully provided complete Corporate Solutions from Low level to Middle level to high end to various Verticals of IT / ITES Companies on all fronts right from the inception year 2003.

Unique business Model was rolled out by us to Provide Corporate Training Solutions in the form of Training “Induction Program” for our Clientele.

We are Proud to state that our unique business model has earned laurels in serving successfully more than 1500 participants in the calendar year 2007.

   Project Based Training

"We provide tailor made training sessions as per company’s requirements on both technical and non technical demands."

Technology is on rapid growth. What is technical excellence today becomes an outdated solution tomorrow. Therefore, to keep phase with the advancing technology and to bring home the best of the available technical solutions, every firm needs to constantly update the technical knowledge of its staff. To constantly update and advance the technical expertise of the staff of its clients, Blue Lotus offers customized IT Training solutions on emerging technologies to large corporations. Working with massive projects involving immediate, time-based, competitive and in-depth coverage commitments, Blue Lotus’s experience has been to the best of the satisfaction of its clients.

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We have been retained by a Top Top Tier-1 IT MNC to recruit IT Programmer Analyst Trainees (PAT) as part of their strategic recruitment program, Train & Hire.for the role of IT-Programmer Analyst (PAT) at a salary level of Rs. 3,38,000/- LPA

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