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Looking the turn of the globe during this century, one feels that technology has not left any stone untouched. Every institution of the society has been modernized with the use of technology. Technology has made the impossible into possible and the possible into easily feasible. Technological advancement is able to bring the complete IT solutions to the doors of every institution in need. However, the Herculean task in providing IT solutions in the current scenario lies in assessing the exact technical requirements of a firm and providing the most customized IT solution to suit its typical and specific needs. Out of its wonderful and challenging experience in providing IT solutions, Blue Lotus has championed this cause. During the initial phase, Blue Lotus makes a systematic study of the requirements of its clients and with its hands on experience with the up-to-date technology; it is able to accomplish the projects of the customers to meet their targeted needs.

The merits of the Application Development Segment of Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus constantly stays at the winning edge by continuously updating all its systems with the advancing technology. Therefore, Blue Lotus is successfully able to meet the requirements of its clients on the up to date competitive platform. In accomplishing every single technical solution for the client, Blue Lotus applies thoroughly proven and standardized processes with the help of highly skilled personnel using highly cost-effective strategies. Therefore, Blue Lotus is always able to deliver both large and small complex projects within the budget and the specified time, far exceeding the quality expectations of the customers. The success stories of Blue Lotus rest firmly on its most unique and perfect development and enhancement model.

Blue Lotus actively focuses on the advanced client server applications, ERP, CRM, EAI and the recent web-technologies and has successfully developed the most reliable and highly quality conscious technical applications. With these core competencies, Blue Lotus is always able to excel its competitors in system development, implementation, testing and maintenance. In every regard, the most effective development and enhancement model of Blue Lotus allows the customers to maximize the value delivered by the applications.

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We have been retained by a Top Top Tier-1 IT MNC to recruit IT Programmer Analyst Trainees (PAT) as part of their strategic recruitment program, Train & Hire.for the role of IT-Programmer Analyst (PAT) at a salary level of Rs. 3,38,000/- LPA

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